1. Katy Trail

At the current stage, Katy trail is 3.5 miles one way. Be creative to plan your run, together with the adjacent Turtle Creek Trail, logging double-digit is easy to accomplish. Many access points are available. Currently Front Runners Dallas are using the Hall Street entrance. Parking are usually available along Hall Street or Sale Street. Below are two typical routes for your reference.

    Katy Trail North Bound

From the Hall Street entrance, the round trip distance to the North end, then back is approximately 4.3 miles. Water fountains are available for near every mile marker.The trail is comprised of mostly soft surface except the section between Blackburn St. and Knox St.

    Katy Trail South Bound

From the Hall Street entrance, the round trip distance on the trail to the South, then North and back to Hall is approximately 5K.

2. White Rock Lake Trail

White Rock Lake is a popular place for running with scenic views. The trail is about 85% asphalt and 15% concrete (with alternative grass surface in some sections). The water fountains are plenty and can be found approximately every mile. Bikers tend to ride at a faster speed than those in the Katy Trail, so do not run with a headphone and always be aware of your surroundings. One loop is 9 miles. Parking can be found along the lake.

3. Lake Grapevine Trail

Although Dallas Frontrunners currently do not organize group run along Lake Grapevine Trail, the trail provides a variety of scenes from shaded woodland to expansive lake view. A popular route is from Oak Grove Park heading westward to Lake View Park. The round trip is slightly over eight miles with six miles on a run/bike trail and the rest two miles in low-traffic residential area. Lake Grapevine Runners and Walkers club provides water and sports drink on both weekend days' morning runs. The water stations are placed at mile 1.5, mile 3 (thus mile 5.5 and mile 7 on the way back) respectively. Parking lots are available at the Oak Grove Park near the end of Dove Loop Rd.