The cost of membership is $30 annually.

Please scroll to the bottom for our open letter to everyone. In the open letter, we explain why a membership is needed for our club.

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An open letter to everyone

Dear friends

In the survey we sent out last year, we have asked how to make Front Runners Dallas a better organization for you. And you answered.

There are many ways we can do it together to make a regular exercise fun because of its physical, metal and social benefits. Yet we are also limited to what we are capable of, as a loosely organized penniless group.

Front Runners is an international non-profit group. Under its umbrella, many branches have their own strategies. Some, such as NYC, LA or DC, have grown into a regional GLBT powerhouse so that they host social and running events that have a big impact onto their cities. Others, such as Pittsburgh, Philadelphia, while being on a smaller size, keep going for decades; and to some degree, form an intimate circle.

Yet, all have one in common. They all need cover some basic maintenance cost for the group. Based on the survey, majority of you also believe that there is a need to grow this group and claim it your own, by paying membership.

Here are just a few reasons that we will need a membership structure.

We would like to apply for 501c non profile organization status. Yet to do that, it will cost money, which is not a small amount.

We also have regular maintenance cost such as the website hosting (URL and server).

With the membership, we can organize more social events, pay promotions such as a booth at the annual pride festival for recruiting.

And getting the 501c status means your money for membership will be tax deductible.

Many of you remember the first ever Dallas Pride Run in 2012. It was a raining day, but everyone had so much fun. We have since lost the venue (Katy Trail). To organize a race at a suitable location (near where the Pride is) is cost prohibitive for such a group. With the membership (and the non-profit organization under Road Running Club America umbrella 501c status), we have the chance to re-establish the race. New York has one, LA has one, Chicago has one, even St. Louis has one. Dallas had one, and will have one again. All depends on how we can grow our own group.

The board of Front Runners Dallas has decided to roll out the membership now.