Bowling Bash A Success!

Thanks all for participating our 2015 bowling bash! Check out the photos below!

bowling bowling2

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Dream Cafe at Quandrangle

Please give your thoughts at Dream Cafe. You may comment as well.

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Start Restaurant on Lemmon Ave

Please rate the restaurant if you have recently dined there. Thank you.

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Trinity Skyline Trail

Like the Trinity Level Trail on the north side of the Trinity River, the Trinity Skyline Trail also boasts a soft surface (which can turn into a muddy road on a rainy day), a natural setting and a stunning skyline.

But Trinity Skyline Trail also have some advantage.

  • It has its own ample parking. Trail users can use the parking lot at the west end of the Continental Pedestrian Bridge
  • It is connected to the Continental Pedestrian Bridge, which has a stunning view.
  • It is next to the Trinity Grove that features the most trendy restaurants in Dallas.
  • For this out and back trail, you will have the skyline on the way back as the best motivation! However, the scale of the skyscrapers can be misleading. They may seem closer than they are in actual distance.

To get there, use the Margaret Hunt Hill Bridge (choose Singleton Blvd lane on the right side), turn right onto Gulden Ln at the first traffic light once you are off the bridge. After driving about 400 yards, you will make a sharp right turn to get into the parking lot. See the picture below for parking instruction.


Here is a view from the start point. Notice, there is also a lower level trail for flood control engineers. We will only use the upper level, i.e. Trinity Skyline Trail, for our running purpose. Notice the soft gravel and dirt surface is available from the start. Your feet will thank you for choosing such a soft trail!















The trail can really go on for quite a while. Interestingly, if you turn around under Westmoreland Road Bridge, that out-and-back trail is exactly 6 miles. You will see something interesting along the way, from architecture to natural reserve....

A bridge along the Trinity Skyline Trail









Skyline along Trinity Skyline Trail









After we finish running the trail, walking onto the Continental Pedestrian Bridge is a great way to do the final stretch and relax....

Continental  Bridge Parking










Below is the trail course map. Enjoy.


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Want a FREE trip to Japan and participate a half marathon?







Here is a letter from Japan-America Society of Dallas/Fort Worth. Wish you luck.

If you want to download the application form, click here.

For more information, read this document.

Below is the original email from Dia.


Every year Japan-America Society of Dallas Fort Worth (JASDFW) sends two representatives to the Sendai International Half Marathon in Japan.  The run this year takes place on May 10, 2015.  All expenses are paid and this is a great opportunity for individuals to travel internationally and compete for the great city of Dallas.

I have attached a flyer and the application for the half marathon.   We would greatly appreciate if you could display the flyer and spread the word about this event.  The application deadline is February 27, 2015.

Please feel free to contact me if you require further details about this event.

Thanks so much! Dia

Dia Tam

Office Manager

Japan-America Society of Dallas/Fort Worth

11615 Forest Central Dr., Suite 206 LB 26 | Dallas, TX 75243

Office 214-342-2022 | Mobile 817-726-8907 |

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New and Improved Web Page Coming to!

Hey Gang!

2015 is here, and with a new year comes exciting new improvements to our site!  Stay tuned for a calendar filled with local running events as well as opportunities to mix and mingle with your Front Runner friends throughout town.  Want to become a member?  We'll have information on how to support the group.  Have a suggestion?  We'll have a spot for that, too!

We hope to see you at our Wednesday evening and Saturday morning walk/runs!

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New Board Elected

Please congratulate the new board members, who will take our group to the next level  of social and running impact in DFW area!

  • President: Lin Wang
  • VP of Administration: Mike Frank
  • VP of Membership: Lyle Shipton
  • Treasurer: Scott Lober
  • PR and Secretary: Randy McKinley

Also we have three non-officer positions which will help organize our weekly running/walking events in case none of the board members are present.

  • Running group coordinator: Alfred Brown and Greg Brown
  • Walking group coordinator: Eric Miller
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Dallas Marathon Event Recap


Rick Wilson -- Half Marathon -- 1:56:29

Liz Spector -- Half Marathon -- 2:20:48

Relay Team -- Five Alive! with Bryce Summers, Don Gore, Gunes Bender, Randy McKinley and Lyle Shipton (C)  -- Finish time: 03:30:54. Top 10 in open male group

Relay Team -- Rainbow Express with Lin Wang, Matt Mather, Alfred Brown, Greg Brow (C) and Dave Collins -- Finish time: 03:31:07.

The two relay teams had one of the most intense competition you could ever imagine. Both crossed the half way point at exactly the same time, and team 5 Alive! claimed the victory against team Rainbow Express by 13 seconds, or merely 0.1% advantage.



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2012 Holiday Party

It is inevitable that we always bring much more food in any party than what we can eat. But at the minimum, we can coordinate our effort by diversifying our dishes. Please help fill the poll and try to avoid to choose a category which has already been claimed by multiple persons! Thank you.

What type of dish will you bring to 2012 Holiday party??

  • Soft drink (orange juice, eggnog, etc) (33%, 3 Votes)
  • Dissert/cake (33%, 3 Votes)
  • Salad or other veggie based dish (22%, 2 Votes)
  • Wine (22%, 2 Votes)
  • I am not sure yet (22%, 2 Votes)
  • Meat dish (11%, 1 Votes)
  • More pasta (11%, 1 Votes)
  • Fish dish (0%, 0 Votes)

Total Voters: 9

Loading ... Loading ...



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We Made It! The Inaugural Dallas Pride Run Is A Blast!

Despite the rain, the FIRST EVER Dallas Pride Run 5K race went very well under cool weather. Many have PRed in the race. There are 225 registered runners and 154 finishers.

Here is a list of finish time of our members:

Andrew Bottomley 18:25.6 (3rd place overall)

Raul Martinez 20:33.5 (Houston Front Runners)

Don Gore 22:02.3

Bryce Summers 23:10.0

Matthew Mather 23:33.1

Mark Gorka 23:33.4 (Were they two running side by side?)

David Brackus 25:28.8 (Houston Front Runners)

Sam Seeger 25:59.9

Allan Wood 27:54.4

Dale Robinston 28:01.4

Congratulations to all!

Thank you to Charles Dosher, Gunes Benders, Scott Lober, Chris Mabile, Allan Wood, Dale Robinson from our club for volunteering! Special thanks to our DJ, Greg Brown!


The inaugural Dallas Pride Run on Local Channel 4 News.

@Start line

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